About Us

Our Nursery

Goodmark was established in 1985 as a specialized nursery growing large specimen shade trees of four inch caliper and above along with ornamentals of eight foot height and above. In fall of 2001 Goodmark changed ownership and with that a change in operation took place. Continuing its rich heritage of specializing in the growing of specimen larger shade trees, ornamentals, and evergreens, Goodmark added an expanded selection of material including smaller caliper shade trees and ornamentals. In addition, Goodmark is focused on being a one-stop shop, and also offers containerized trees (root control bags), shrubs, roses, and perennials.

In 1985 Goodmark consisted of 160 acres and has since added more acreage for a total of +500 acres. Goodmark is also the parent nursery of 120 acre South Branch Nurseries, Inc. located in Union Illinois. Goodmark and South Branch is led by Nursery Director Michael Scheitz, ICN Pro, BS-Horticulture, Illinois State University, AS Horticulture-Harper College, Past President – Ornamental Growers Association and has over 25 years of landscape and nursery experience. The terrific Goodmark team also includes Assistant Nursery Director Paul Ayers, Luis Lugo, Cheri Dvorchak, Ken Fiantago, Brooke Schuchert, and Steve Shiley. Lifelong industry professional, Bob Tures manages South Branch Nursery and is supported by Heather Erckfritz. Along with the great selection of sizes and varieties of plant material, Goodmark also has an irrigated 30 acre holding yard to insure availability. The production fields at Goodmark and South Branch are nurtured through a sophisticated irrigation system that provides liquid fertilizer and acid treatments.

The Goodmark and South Branch team will do whatever it takes to support our customers. From tagging your order to making sure your trucks are loaded safely and efficiently we are here for you. Our team works diligently to provide our clients with superior service from start to finish. If you have a scheduled pick up, we will do our very best to have you loaded on your way as quickly as possible. As an example, we typically load full semi’s and have them on their way in less than 2 hours.

Goodmark remains grateful, loyal and dedicated to all customers past and present, and welcomes all customer friends to visit our nursery. Please come visit us soon.