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Founded in 1985, Goodmark Nurseries started with 160 acres. As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded and now cultivate evergreens, shrubs, roses, and perennials — in addition to a vast selection of shade trees and ornamentals.

Today, Goodmark Nurseries and our sister location, South Branch Farm, cover an expansive 725 acres and offer incredible variety and high-quality specimens to the wholesale market.

Goodmark Nurseries

8920 Howe Road
Wonder Lake, IL 60097
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Phone: 815-653-9293
Fax: 815-728-0977

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From beautiful shade trees to uniformed containerized shrubs, Goodmark Nurseries have been serving the Midwest’s landscapers and garden centers for over two decades.

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Goodmark Nurseries specializes in B&B shade trees, ornamentals and evergreens.

The reason customers return to us season after season is because we have the highest-quality specimens. Our growers use expert cultural practices, and our fields are entirely customized with fertigation systems.

In addition, our irrigated 10 acre holding yard means we continue to supply plants throughout the summer, even when the dig window is closed. The addition of South Branch Farm expands our offerings to include smaller caliper shade trees and evergreens, shrubs, roses and perennials.

Goodmark Nurseries Team

While our team members often move between our two tree nurseries near Chicago, here are a few of the faces you may see at Goodmark Nurseries in Wonder Lake, IL. Meet the whole team ›

Paul Ayers

Paul Ayers

IL Sales Rep & Certified Arborist

Fred Goldman

Fred Goldman

MN/WI/MI Sales Rep

Chris Franklin

Chris Franklin

Midwest Sales Rep

Carrie Makris

Carrie Makris

Sales Manager

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Between our two locations, Goodmark Nurseries offers everything from large evergreens and deciduous trees (in burlap or root control bags) to shrubs, roses, and perennials.

Use our leading wholesale Chicago tree nursery to get the specimens and varieties you need to fulfill your client orders.

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