Jul 20, 2021

Summer at the Nursery

Summer is here, along with some well needed rain! With the increased rainfall we have resumed adding a fungicide to our bi-weekly spray rotations. The most recent spray was a knockdown for Japanese beetles while also targeting leafhopper and aphids. Disease pressure has been particularly low this year due to the very dry spring. This time of the year, our goal is to keep the trees healthy enough to continue growing and not be stunted by any heavy insect damage. Potato Leaf Hopper is an example of an insect that can reduce new tree growth, their feeding causes severe distortion of new maple leaf formation.

Starting to hatch now are multiple new generations of the most pervasive species of scale. Check out the article below to learn about which types will be emerging and how to manage them.

Keep a look out for these blooming plants and these pests out in the landscape. Early detection of pests is key, and it is always better to be preventative to avoid trying to control an infestation.

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